Online Platform for Regional Development and Interregional Cooperation "Leadership for Regional Development"

The CityLead.EU platform is an electronic register of the leadership network of participants, set up under the “Leaders’ Platforms for Regional Development” project (, implemented by the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS, with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation ( The e-register contains brief information about the network participants - contacts, organizational information, areas of activity, competences and interests. The platform also serves as a register and space for exchange of good practices, a catalogue of topics, and opportunities for partner search.

The main objective of the Leadership for Regional Development Network is to stimulate and support initiatives for regional development and interregional cooperation in the fields of business and innovation, education and development of human potential, development of culture and urban planning at the local and regional level. It is a self-organized, vital network of leaders whose joint efforts to influence the creation of a business and economic environment will contribute to revitalizing, developing and improving the regions and enhancing the welfare of their citizens.

Coordinators of the Leadership for Regional Development Network: Tony Simidchieva, Plovdiv; Nikolay Dachev, North Central Region; Mariana Assenova, North-West Region; Oleg Stoilov, Stara Zagora; Russin Borislavov, Burgas; and Galin Zhelyazkov, Varna. CityLead.EU is part of a national campaign of “Cluster Information and Communication Technologies” - Burgas for “Digitization of the Non-Governmental Sector in Bulgaria”. The online register is developed by INSYS Ltd.


Design and research in the field of machine building industry - lifting, construction, road and mining machines, metal structures, mechanical gears. Consultancy in the field of strategic p...

Nickolai Dachev


ACTIM design, develop and integrates innovative IT projects that optimize business process, increase productivity and security in companies.

Ralitsa Kulezich

Agency for Regional and Economic Development Vratsa

Agency for Regional and Economic Development, Vratsa is a NGO that works in public benefit supporting the regional and economuc development of Vratsa district and Northwest Bulgaria implementing...

Nesrin Doneva

arch. Belin Teoharov Mollov

Arch. Belin Teoharov Mollov has more than 45 years of experience in the field of spatial planning and urban development. He has worked 20 years with KNIPI "Sofproekt" - Directorate "Master Plan of...

Belin Mollov

Association BOKAYA

BOКAYA is an organization whose goal is based on the understanding that a developed and strong civil society is achieved through the active involvement of empowered and informed citizens in public ...

Boris Nedyalkov

Association Mosaic

Association Mosaic is youth NGO in the region of Pomorie. Mosaic works on projects in the field of international exchanges, training, reserches and volunteering. Mosaic has partnerships with many...

Evgenia Masardjieva

Association of Patients with Autoimmune Diseases (APAD)

(1) Activities aimed at protecting the interests of people suffering from autoimmune diseases; fostering social integration, personal realization and expression of patients in different spheres of...

Nikolay Nedyalkov

Bar Jazz-a

Bar "Jazz-a" was created with the purpose of being a cultural and social center. Theaters are played in the space, live music is performed, books are presented, cinema and discussion nights are...

Petko Tanchev

Beehive Co-working Space Varna

Co-working space is an office, in which everybody with a liberal profession, freelance activities or small business, can rent a desk for a day, week, month or year. Co-working spaces are great...

Galin Zhelyazkov

Black Sea Centre for Eco Information and Education

The activities of the Black Sea Environmental Information and Education Center are related to the implementation of projects contributing to the achievement of the organization's objectives and...

Rumyana Emanuilidu

Burgas Regional Administration

The district governor is a sole executive body in the field that implements local government and ensures consistency between national and local interests in the conduct of regional policy.

Borislava Yordanova


CodiCamp organizes in-house IT training courses, and private IT courses, as well as individual training in mathematics for adolescents.

Stanislav Kumanov

Community Center Hamalogica 2014

"Hamalogica" is the newest community center in Burgas. Our activity aims at creating projects in the fields of culture, art, education and social innovation. We believe that culture is an essential...

Rosen Slavov

Darius Konsult Ltd.

Founder and Manager of Darius Consult Ltd. Independent Expertise in areas such as:


Maya Krusteva

Dimitrina Evdokieva Dokimova

Geography and Economics Teacher and also Assistant Director of Educational Activities with Focus on Educational Technologies at Mathematics High School "Dr. Petar Beron" Varna; Founder and Head of...

Assistant manager

Discovery Foundation

The Discovery Foundation was founded in 2005 by its current President, Dono Tsvetkov. Among the main goals of the Foundation's work is the promotion of cultural traditions and heritage and the ...

Dono Tsvetkov

Ecosystem Europe Association

Ecosystem Europe was born in late 2013 because of a growing need to get young people to think about their future and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Societies need facilitators who...

Stoyan Faldjiyski

European Prosperity Association

The Association works for economic, social and cultural development of NWPR, accent Vidin district. Particular attention is paid to the development of the young people from the area, building their...

Valentina Kordova

Imenie Obichkovci

The place, which Daniela and Georgi have built on, after leaving the big city of Sofia and moving closer to nature. It is situated below the Belogradchik rocks. A house built entirely out of na...

Daniela Ossikovska

Innovation and Development Center (Association)

“Innovation & Development Center" NPO is an union of experts and proven professionals in the sphere of techniques, technologies, and innovations, with the goal to contribute for the introduction o...

eng. Vladimir Andreev

IntelAdvisers Ltd.

IntelAdvisers is a consultancy company established in 2008, providing services in the field of project management in all phases of the project cycle - preparation, implementation, monitoring and...

Plamen Apostolov

Lions club Via Pontica Burgas

Non-governmental organization for public benefit. Basic principle "we serve". Causes - supporting prevention of diabetes, support for disadvantaged children and children with special educational...

Elena Atanasova

Maria Kissikova

Maria Kissikova/Petrova (Assistant Professor PhD) I spent my whole life in Plovdiv. I identify myself as ethnologist, I teach in Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv (Faculty of Philosophy and...

Maria Petrova


Organizing and conducting social, political and marketing research. Investigation of public processes. Advertising and impresario activity.

Gancho Hristov

Municipal Foundation "Plovdiv 2019"

The "Plovdiv 2019" Foundation prepared Plovdiv's candidacy for the title and worked for the realization of the project "Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019". By statute, the foundation is a...

Gina Kafedjian

Museum "House of Humor and Satire"

"House of Humor and Satire" is a museum of humorous and satirical art. It was created on the foundations of an old leather factory on the 1-st of April (April fool day) 1972 and is a proud...

Margarita Dorovska

National commission for combating traffic in human

The National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings was established by virtue of the Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Act. It determines and administers the implementation of the...

Stefan Ralchev

New Culture Foundation

New Culture Foundation is an independent private non-governmental organization registered in 2003 in Sofia (Bulgaria). The Foundation operates as an interdisciplinary network of journalists,...

Mariana Assenova

Northwest Youth Initiatives

NYI implements various projects and initiatives related to youth education and activity. Last realized project - Youth Information and Consulting Center (YICC) - Vratsa (realized in 2017)

Venko Stoev

Open Arts Foundation

The Open Arts Foundation was founded by Katrin and Vesselina Sarievi in 2007. The activities and projects of the foundation have wide recognition, they have a number of awards and many followers....

Vesselina Sarieva

PL Control ltd

PL Control ltd has gained experience and knowledge of technology related to automation of manufacturing processes, data processing systems and especially with modern electric motion systems.

Lyubomir Borisov

Prema 2010-Ltd

Vocational training with about 50 professions and about 100 majors.

Tatiana Todorova

Public Charity Fund - District of Burgas

"Public Charity Fund - District of Burgas" is a non-profit legal entity operating in public benefit. The foundation's main objectives are as follows: Supporting the development and strengthening ...

Nasko Drakov

Publishing House "Znatsi" Ltd.

"Znatsi" Publishing House was established in Burgas in 2006 by Rumyana Emanuilidou. Produces, publishes and promotes printed publications. Together with "Society for Spiritual Expressions", it...

Rumyana Emanuilidu

Regional Administration Lovech

The district governor is a sole executive body in the field that carries out the local government and ensures consistency between national and local interests in the conduct of regional...

Georgi Terziiski

Regional Crafts Chamber Plovdiv

The Regional Handicraft Chamber - Plovdiv was established by the Crafts and Order Act of the Regional Governor of Plovdiv District since 20.10.2002. With the entrance of the Crafts Act, the crafts ...

Tonи Simidchieva

Regional Information Center - Varna

The Regional Information Center - Varna has existed since 2011. It deals with the clarification and popularization of the funding opportunities provided by the different European programs in...

Viktoria Marinova

Social Freaks

The only marketing and creative agency in Plovdiv.

Elica Dimitrova Mihailova

SOVA architecture & design Ltd.

SOVA Architecture & Design Ltd. is a design office with a portfolio of restaurants, residential and office projects. Our work is based on BIM (building information modeling), in which all...

Pavel Tsochev

Start It Smart Burgas

Start It Smart is an entrepreneurship organization founded in 2009 that was created with the goal to spread and develop the entrepreneurship mindset in Bulgaria while supporting young people in...

Nikolai Kadiiski

Sutherland Global Services

Established in 1986, Sutherland is a global organization for translation of processes, which serves in all industries. The main office of the company is located in Rochester, New York. Working for...

Aleksander Milev

Teach For Bulgaria

The vision of Teach For Bulgaria is to have one day every child in Bulgaria enjoy quality education, regardless of the school he/she goes to, the town or village he/she resides in or if his/her...

Neli Koleva


TEKOM Ltd. performs a wide range of activities in the field of construction, such as: consultations and logistics in the selection of plots, design, engineering - implementation and realization of...

Eng. Dimitar Yankov

Vratsa software society

The mission of  "Vratza software society": To create an IT Society in Vratsa, which through quality education enables vrachanians to perform challenging and well paid work in t...

Emilian Kadiiski